Thursday, August 10, 2006

Baci & Abbracci Restaurant

This is my new favorite Italian restaurant here in the neighborhood. Straight out of Naples, Italy (literally...Including the pizza oven). These folks dropped some serious dough on designing and creating their restaurant. The service is attentive, the food fresh, and the wine list solid. Now clearly these people invested heavily in what they are doing, particularly in comparison to some of the other restaurants on the same street. However when it comes to coffee, they seriously dropped the ball. Am I crazy? Is it nuts for me to expect these guys to serve better coffee? Though I won't say who they are serving, this relatively large coffee distribution company is well known for providing free equipment and service to it's customers in exchange for a contract. Fine. I get it. Tons of restaurants around here do the same thing. But this place? Come on. They have to know the quality could be better, and since they spent a fortune on the space itself, why not keep the ball rolling and buy their own equipment?

Baci & Abbracci Restaurant


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