Monday, April 17, 2006

Diamonds on the Inside

Bon voyage Mirage. You've been a great friend and solid work horse for over two years. Alas it is time for an upgrade. Not many machines are capable of filling your shoes on our counter, but we found one that will do you justice. A three group GB/5 straight off the showroom floor from the SCAA conference in Charlotte. Not just any GB/5 mind you, but the very machine used by Matt Riddle of Intelligentsia during his championship performance in the USBC (congrats Matt, and good luck in Switzerland!). Known for their outstanding craftsmanship, WBC sponsor La Marzocco went all out on this model and included all the bells and whistles that are sure to be the industry standard in the coming years. I've got to give ESI a shoutout for making this deal possible, allowing Kevin to walk away from the show in Charlotte with an extra 300lbs of luggage in tow.
After leaving Charlotte with Chris and the GB/5, Tomas and Kevin took a few days off in Ithaca to rest before climbing behind the wheel once again to show up on our doorstep in Brooklyn on Friday night.

We started up at 9pm by removing everything from the surface of our stainless steel countertops and unpacked our newest acquisition...

A couple hoses and 220 volts later, the group heads were ready for some bleeding...

Affectionately known as "Ben", our pride and joy has been on the bar for 3 days now, wowing us and our customers with his strength and versatility. On his maiden voyage, Ben helped us cruise to a record setting day of sales here at Gimme coffee in Brooklyn, and did it all without missing a beat. Thank you Kevin for the pleasure of this fantastic addition to our shop, and thank you La Marzocco for producing such a high quality new machine.

Editors Note: Chris just pointed out a link that I was missing...I'm including it here. Thanks Chris.


At 4:51 PM, Blogger Kevin C said...

Chris, the ass-kissing has got to stop...okay, maybe one more flattering post, but then that's it.

I notice you're not telling everyone how I left you hanging out to dry with one working steam wand and varying water debit for the last few months. That's kind of you.

I called ESI today and asked them what size gicleurs were in that machine and they said they are .6mm. So it should be doing good things. 3 groups AND 2 working steam wands ought to make you feel slightly more pro. I'm sending down 1 more of the tapered Synesso baskets too.

As promised, the Leftist has been tweaked. You should notice some improvement starting with the Wednesday delivery.

Upstate Gimme hearts Brooklyn Gimme, and we're committed to proving it at LEAST once a year.

At 5:13 PM, Blogger Chris Owens said...

Um... Thanks Kevin. But, this is a Mike post. Can't wait to try the new Leftist though.

Four those interested, Paul Pratt has a detailed review of the GB/5 here.

At 10:11 PM, Blogger Kevin C said...

Sorry, you're right. My mistake.


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